Sidewalk Violations Removal

Sidewalk Violations Removals Queens, NY But sometimes property owners receive sidewalk violations in New York. Some of the common defects that could attract these violations include a surface trip hazard, collapsed sidewalk, improper slope, patchwork, tree roots, a hardware trip hazard, etc. If you have received such a violation, you would have to perform the necessary repairs within 75 days.

This job needs to be completed to industry standards, and its best to hire concreting contractors like Vinny & Son Contracting for sidewalk violations removal. This company has decades of experience and has been operating since 2000 in this space. Their vast experience enables them to handle sidewalk violations removal projects as per DOT rules and regulations.

Why You Need To Complete Sidewalk Violation Removals on Time

If you fail to complete the job yourself, the department will get the work done from a contractor and will carry out expedited sidewalk repair. After completing the work, the Department of Finance (DOF) will send you a bill for the cost of the sidewalk repairs.

Sidewalk Repair Eligibility

Some property owners feel that it is the more straightforward option, and they should ignore the violations notice and allow the DOT to handle the job. But that isn't advisable. You might not always be eligible for expedited sidewalk repair. If you don't get the sidewalk repairs done, the DOT might find you. This department will only handle expedited sidewalk repair of concrete features.

If your sidewalk is made of some other material like slate, pavers, brick or granite and you want to use the same material, you would have to get the repair work done in response to the sidewalk violations removal notice.

If your sidewalk sits over a vault or any other structure, the city will not repair it, because some serious structural work would be needed to fix sidewalks constructed over vaults. Also, commercial properties, those scheduled for capital reconstruction, and properties with four/more residential units on them aren't eligible for DOT's expedited repair.

Licensed Sidewalk Replacement Contractor

For all sidewalk repairs services, you must select a contractor with experience in handling New York sidewalk violations removals. Licensed, bonded, and insured companies like Vinny & Son Contracting can handle the project to DOT requirements and standards. This company specializes in replacing and repairing sidewalks.

They have a thorough understanding of existing sidewalk regulations in NYC and will tackle the job accordingly. Once the contractor completes the job, you must contact the DOT and request a dismissal inspection. As you can see the entire process has to be completed systematically so that you can get the sidewalk violations dismissal without any glitches.