When you have a multi-story home, staircases are an integral aspect of the setting. There are different types of staircases that you can install in your home including spiral, freestanding, straight, circular, and elliptical staircases. If you want to replace your staircase, need one for a new build, or remodeling project, you should hire skilled local contractors. Read more about Staircases »

Sidewalk Violations Removal

New York has very stringent sidewalk construction rules and regulations. All property owners are required to ensure that the sidewalk alongside their property is constructed in line with the local codes. The reason for these rules is regulations are to ensure that all sidewalks are safe for use, have the right slope, and are aesthetically aligned with all other paths and features on the street. Read more about Sidewalk Violations Removals »

Concrete Driveways

Concrete is widely used in driveway installation projects, and these features can last for many years. Designing and installing concrete driveways is a job that should always be handled by professionals with experience. These features see a significant amount of daily use and must endure foot and vehicular traffic. Read more about Concrete Driveways »

Masonry Contractor

Property improvement projects should be handled only by a qualified masonry contractor. Whether the jobs involve installing new concrete amenities or renovating outdated structures, getting the services of a professional is necessary. All masonry jobs require skilled people with ample experience in masonry design, installation, and maintenance. If you have them, you will be assured of reliable and durable structures. You are also guaranteed of timely project completion without compromising the quality of workmanship. Read more about Masonry Contractor »

Sidewalk Violations

A notice of sidewalk violations should not be taken for granted since it can result in a lien on your property, liabilities, and even legal proceedings. Your best option is to act on the said violation within 45 days and follow the state's regulations. If you are not familiar with the specifics of the law, ask some experts. You can contact your city's DOT department or call a licensed contractor to help you correct the violation. Read more about Sidewalk Violations »

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are used to stabilize slopes and may be constructed to repel water pressure that can cause soil erosion. These structures also improve the aesthetic appeal and usability of any outdoor space. For instance, they can support outdoor patios, create terraces or form borders around an in-ground pool. Plus, they can be constructed using a variety of materials - from concrete blocks to bricks and stone. Read more about Retaining Walls »

Decorative Concrete

There are inexpensive ways to improve the look and functionality of your home or commercial property. An ideal option is to use decorative concrete, an architectural design technique that transforms a plain and drab concrete into a more aesthetically pleasing piece of slab. There are many techniques to gain different effects such as stamped, stenciled and colored concrete. Read more about Decorative Concrete »


Professional contractors will always recommend the use of pavers for outdoor masonry projects. This is not surprising since these materials can easily enhance the property's aesthetic appeal and functionality. There is also a wide range of designs that can suit any theme or architecture. Moreover, this type of paving material is proven durable and long-lasting. Read more about Pavers »