Stoops & Porches

They say that a person's face and eyes are the windows to his very soul. Using this very same analogy, we could safely say that a home's façade is the window to the home's inner soul or character. As such, any sensible homeowner should then exert every feasible effort possible to guarantee that his or her home's façade will look every inch inviting and pleasant to guests and passers-by.

Indeed, one way to make your home more welcoming is to improve your façade. And this can be easily achieved by adding carefully-designed and -built stoops and porches.

Stoops and Porches: What Exactly Are They?

Stoops & Porches Stoops are small staircases that connect a home's entrance to the streets or to the walkway leading outside of the home's premises. In the city of New York, it can be found in many elevated apartment complexes, particularly the single-family row houses that you can find in the city.

On the other hand, porches are generally covered areas just outside homes where homeowners and their guests can sit back and spend hours chatting or doing other worthwhile activities. Most New York homes have porches that also serve as reception areas, and even party venues! Simply put, stoops and porches are not just aesthetic additions to any home, but are important utilitarian elements.

Since these specific areas are common in every New York home, it is but right to have them too. These home elements have long become integral parts of New Yorkers' life and culture.

But to get all these benefits, they should be built perfectly. Failure to do so can ruin the existing design or theme of the home. If the construction is sub-standard, it could even lead to legal problems since the state has a very strict building code.

Best Materials for Stoops and Porches

Stoops & Porches To make stoops and porches more appealing and more functional, it is highly imperative to use only the best materials possible, such as top quality pavers and natural stones for the stoops and for porch's flooring. At Vinny and Son Contracting, we have partnerships with the industry's most trusted suppliers so you're guaranteed that we will only use the best materials for this kind of project.

But, for those who wish to use wood or concrete, we could also use the said materials. The key is to strike a perfect balance among all the materials that will be used for your porch or stoop to guarantee positive outcomes.

Great Designs for Porches

We could also work on various porch designs. Among the most common designs include wrap-around, screened, country-inspired, three seasons, enclosed, sunroom, four seasons, contemporary and the like.

Aside from these, we could also include other amenities to make porches or stoops more appealing and enjoyable. We could include amenities such as screens, skylights, adjacent patio, dining set, and many more. The possibilities are wonderfully many.

So if you wish to have stoops and porches that are functional and durable, then contact Vinny and Son Contracting today. Our friendly staff will be more than glad to discuss your needs.