Pool Decks

Pool Decks Your swimming pool is undeniably perfect for the three R's: rest, relaxation, and recreation. With just a few minutes of dipping in it, you'll instantly feel cooled down during hot or humid days. But the pool isn't the only place where it's mighty good to relax. These days, pool decks are fast becoming as important as the pool itself in getting oneself refreshed, relaxed, and rejuvenated after a day's worth of stress.

But, most of the time, this particular area is sadly neglected, and is just relegated to a mere place where one could place pool beds. If you happen to have the same experience or if you have a pool deck that needs some makeover, then by all means contact us right now.

At Vinny and Son Contracting, we can quickly design and build functional and beautiful pool decks. Not only that, we can also repair or renovate your old deck if it needs some restoration or repair to remain functional.

With us, your need for building or renovating pool decks will surely be met, since we are among the most trusted and most skilled landscape contractors in Whitestone, New York. We are a fully licensed, insured, and bonded landscaping company with over 30 solid years of collective experience in our chosen field.

This assures you that you're working with professionals who understand your specific needs and who know what it takes to carry on a successful pool deck construction, repair, or renovation job.

Our Pool Deck Materials

Pool Decks The best materials for pool decks are concrete pavers and natural stones. With concrete pavers, you are assured of durability, strength, and safety from your deck. Pavers are also perfect for clients who wish to have this area ready in a short period, since pavers are relatively easy and quick to install. Additionally, concrete pavers are easy to repair, so you'll save time and money in case you need to have your deck repaired by us.

Meanwhile, with natural stones, you'll get unmatched elegance and natural feel and look. Also, natural stones come in a wide array of colors so you'll easily complement the look and feel of the other elements of your landscape with your pool deck.

The only considerations for these two materials are your budget and your specific needs. Like what we always tell our clients, it's up to them to decide which material they want us to use.

Perfect Add-ons for Your Deck

Aside from transforming your pool area, we can also add other amenities such as chairs, outdoor BBQ's and kitchen, a mini bar, benches, umbrellas, and the like. These add-ons not only make the deck more fun and attractive, but also add some important functionality that you and your family and guests will surely love.

Hire the Best Pool Deck Installers in New York

With everything that's been said about pool decks, everything boils down to your choice of pool deck installers. Accordingly, we are easily the top choice of many New York homeowners for their pool deck needs.

Our guarantee to you is our over three decades of experience doing this kind of job. Add to that our team of experienced and certified masonry and landscaping experts who are at your beck and call. So for inquiries on our pool deck services, contact us today and we'll be more than glad to discuss your specific needs.