Sidewalks Queens, NY Vinny & Son Contracting Corp. has handled practically every imaginable masonry job out there. Through the years, we have maintained a high level of expertise in masonry construction projects, thus making us the best company to hire for outdoor structures like pathways and sidewalks. We can install sidewalks in residential or commercial properties, the same way we’ve been doing for 30 years. Our lengthy experience in the industry means that we’ve proven ourselves to be not only skilled, but also reliable and trustworthy. So, if you want to be assured of positive results with your planned sidewalk installation project, we’re the perfect guys for you.

Custom Sidewalk Design Plan

We can prepare custom design plans for all the sidewalks that we work on, whether intended for private residences or businesses like hotels, restaurants, and offices. We always ensure that local laws are followed when creating the plan, so legal problems won’t be an issue once we install your sidewalk. Additionally, we don’t just design typical sidewalks, but ensure that they are attractive, safe, and functional.

We know from experience that the sidewalk forms part of the overall aesthetic setup of the property, so we take great care in the design plan. We also recommend the use of decorative materials such as pavers and stained/stamped concrete to achieve the best look possible. Rest assured that with us, you will have a custom-designed sidewalk that is stunning and functional.

Tough and Durable Sidewalks

All the sidewalks that our personnel install are proven to be tough and long lasting. They won’t get damaged easily from constant exposure to the elements and will stay looking like new even after many years. We build them using premium materials to make sure that they will last for decades and remain in excellent condition – whether we’re talking about affordable concrete or premium paver blocks. The pavers that we use on our sidewalk installation projects come from leading manufacturers like Cambridge Pavingstones. This particular manufacturer offers paving products with innovative features so you are guaranteed of a paver amenity that can endure harsh outdoor conditions and constant use. Meanwhile, our installation personnel will strictly follow our proven methods to ensure excellent construction. Moreover, we use the right equipment and follow industry standards to guarantee quality work that is truly second to none.

Client-friendly Pricing for Sidewalk Installation

Sidewalks could cost anywhere between $400 to several thousands, depending on the size and materials to be used. At Vinny & Son Contracting Corp., we make sure that our installation costs will be within the prevailing industry rates, so NY property owners can afford to hire us without paying more than what their budget permits. We offer flexible pricing and even some discounts whenever possible. We are actually among the state’s most preferred sidewalk installers simply because we offer rates that property owners can afford. We even offer free cost estimates, as well as consultations on clients’ project requirements.

If you have questions on how we design and build long-lasting sidewalks, please dial (718) 539-0524. We’d be happy to answer your queries and schedule you for a site visit so we can better appraise the right solutions for your sidewalk installation project.