Pavers Paver installation is what Vinny and Son Contracting does best. For the past 15 years, we have been beautifying homes and business properties across New York with our superior paving design and landscaping services. Our stunning results have earned us the trust of hundreds of satisfied clients. Please feel free to browse our online portfolio to see the projects we have completed in the past.

Authorized Cambridge Paver Installer

Vinny and Son Contracting believes that excellence in any structural creation lies with two factors: quality of paving materials and quality of execution. Good thing is: we give you both.

Firstly, we use only Cambridge pavers in our construction projects to guarantee quality and durability. We are also one of the only few certified installers in New York for this paving stone. Moreover, our team of craftsmen is highly experienced and knowledgeable in paving installation, which is why we handle each project professionally.

Why Cambridge Pavers?

Pavers Cambridge pavers are extra strong and durable paving stones. They have a special coating called Armortec that provides smooth and consistent finish. This is the reason why their products are resistant to chipping, snow plowing, and de-icing salts. They are available in wide range of shapes, sizes, texture, and colors.

What do these features mean for homeowners or commercial property owners?

  • Customized looks – We listen to your needs, preferences, and aesthetic ideas. Our job of creating a custom look for your property is achieved through the use of Cambridge pavers .There's always a color, shape, and pattern for every look you want to achieve and for every paving application.
  • Extra strong and durable – Cambridge pavers are stronger than asphalt, clay brick, and poured concrete. They are resistant to cracking or chipping.
  • Long-lasting beauty – Fading is not an issue with this brand of paving stones because of Armortec coating that preserves the color and appearance of such pavers. They can also withstand snow and ice, as well as wear and tear from regular use.
  • Superior appearance – Cambridge paving stones have a smooth, skid-resistant surface. Because they are made from ultra fine sand granules and high quality cement, you'll find no unsightly holes or blemishes on the surface.
  • Safe to tread on – Another good feature of Cambridge products is their skid-and slip-resistant surface. They are perfect for driveways, walkways, and pool decks.
  • Minimal upkeep – This kind of paving material requires minimal maintenance. Repair or replacement is also easy.

The Flexibility of Pavers

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, pavers are very versatile. They can be used in many residential and commercial applications including:

  • Driveways
  • Walkways
  • Patio
  • Pergola flooring
  • Garden pathways
  • Pool decks
  • Street pavements

Professional Contractor in New York

While there are many paving contractors in the state, only a few can fulfill their promise of providing total client satisfaction. To ensure that we don't commit the same mistake or failure, we collaborate with our clients. Throughout the process, we work closely with them to ensure their needs are perfectly met.

Planning and preparation is at the heart of our process. Before we begin any paving installation, we create a plan, get your approval, and then prepare the area. We don't take shortcuts and we don't scrimp on materials. Your extreme satisfaction is our only goal.

Please don't hesitate to give us a call for any questions that you may have regarding our brand of pavers and paving installation service.