Decorative Concrete

Decorative Concrete Queens, NY There are inexpensive ways to improve the look and functionality of your home or commercial property. An ideal option is to use decorative concrete, an architectural design technique that transforms a plain and drab concrete into a more aesthetically pleasing piece of slab.

And here at Vinny & Son Contracting Corporation, we can turn a concrete structure into an appealing one by using decorative concrete methods. The methods that we use include stamping, stenciling, coloring, and staining. We have decades of experience in the industry and completed numerous projects throughout Greater Queens, NY and nearby areas. We also have a complete inventory of decorative tools to improve the quality of our craftsmanship. We can create custom concrete textures on your pathways, floors, walls and other concrete amenities. Call us now at (718) 539-0524 to learn more about this particular service!

Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete is a highly recommended decorative concrete method for outdoor features and amenities. This method involves stamping a pattern or texture into freshly laid concrete. Common patterns include cobblestones, brick, wooden planks, slate, and fieldstone. Here are some of the many advantages of concrete stamping:

  • Low cost and can be easily installed
  • Best for patios, driveways, hallways, decks, and flooring
  • Durable and able to resist foot traffic and moisture
  • Low-maintenance with occasional wash or reseal every few years
  • Can be customized with hundreds of color combinations and stamp patterns

Stenciled Concrete

The stencil method can add a new dimension to your patios, decks and other pavements. It uses colors and patterns that characterize the look of stone, brick, or other materials. Once the concrete is poured and floated, paper stencils with the desired pattern are laid out across the wet concrete surface. A color hardener is used and becomes the base color of the concrete. After the concrete has dried up, the stencils are pulled up, revealing the stenciled pattern. Stamped concrete is more ideal for outdoor spaces, while stenciled concrete can be used indoors or outdoors. However, both concrete treatments offer the same aesthetic appeal that you want from an amenity.

Colored Concrete

Colored concrete is another method of improving the appeal of your concrete features. There are different available colors that can suit your preferences; these colors can be mixed with concrete on-site. This method requires proper mixing and application to ensure even coverage of the area. Integrally colored concrete may add more cost to your project, but you are assured that it will last. With this treatment, there will be no fading since the color is integrated into the concrete slab.

Stained Concrete

Stained concrete is a well-known decorative concrete technique used for enhancing the aesthetics of a plain concrete feature. This method is commonly used for interior applications. Staining involves working on a cured concrete slab and staining it to achieve a different color or finish. The most common type of concrete staining is acid stain. The acid reacts to the concrete, producing a rich, albeit grainy color. Water-based and acrylic concrete stains create a more consistent and smoother look than acid stains. Concrete stains are permanent and perfect for older flooring. If you want to know how we transform concrete slabs into elegant surfaces, please call us now.

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