Sidewalk Violations

Sidewalk Violations Queens, NY A notice of sidewalk violations should not be taken for granted since it can result in a lien on your property, liabilities, and even legal proceedings. Your best option is to act on the said violation within 45 days and follow the state's regulations. If you are not familiar with the specifics of the law, ask some experts. You can contact your city's DOT department or call a licensed contractor to help you correct the violation.

Among the local contractors who can provide you with professional assistance is Vinny & Son Contracting Corporation. You can rely on our expertise and experience when it comes to the repair, maintenance and construction of sidewalks and pathways. We consider ourselves as specialists in this work because of our lengthy experience in the industry and deep knowledge of the requirements and specifications of the DOT. We work promptly on your project to ensure your full compliance. Our topnotch service has been tried and tested by countless property owners in Queens, NY and nearby areas. We don't just correct sidewalk violations but also ensure the aesthetics and functionality of the sidewalk. If you recently received a notice, call us at (718) 539-0524 so we can conduct an onsite visit and determine the specific repair needs of your sidewalk.

Hiring a Sidewalk Violation Specialist

Don't just let anyone perform repairs or maintenance works on your sidewalk. Before hiring a local contractor, make sure that the company has the experience and resources to work on concrete and masonry works. A sidewalk violation specialist is certified by the DOT, licensed, insured, and bonded. Your contractor should focus on the violations and correct them during the repair or installation job. You may also request the company to help you secure the necessary permits to fast track the repair project. After performing repair works on your sidewalk, you can request for sidewalk violation removal. The DOT will perform a sidewalk re-inspection to determine your compliance. If you hire the right people, you'll have a sidewalk that is safer, appealing, and compliant with local laws.

Common Sidewalk Violations

Notices of sidewalk violations can be avoided if all the sidewalks in your property are properly maintained. Common violations include:

  • Collapsed sidewalk
  • Tree roots
  • Improper slope
  • Trip hazards
  • Patchwork
  • Hardware trip hazards

Ensuring a Safer and Compliant Sidewalk

The state requires property owners to maintain the sidewalks outside their home or building. The DOT performs sidewalk inspections to ensure that they are safe and properly maintained. Once you get a notice of violation, call a certified and licensed contractor like us at Vinny & Son Contracting Corporation. Don't wait for the DOT to do the job or hire a contractor for you. It is still best to hire a contractor that you are comfortable to work with. If you get our services, you will be assured that all the violations cited by the DOT will be addressed. Aside from making your sidewalk safer and compliant with local laws, we will also ensure its structural integrity by using premium quality construction materials. We adhere to industry standard so you won't have to worry about receiving frequent sidewalk violations.

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