Retaining Walls

Retaining Walls Queens, NY Retaining walls are used to stabilize slopes and may be constructed to repel water pressure that can cause soil erosion. These structures also improve the aesthetic appeal and usability of any outdoor space. For instance, they can support outdoor patios, create terraces or form borders around an in-ground pool. Plus, they can be constructed using a variety of materials - from concrete blocks to bricks and stone.

These walls may look very simple to build and design, but vital processes must be followed to ensure their sturdy construction. At Vinny & Son Contracting Corporation, we can design and build durable retaining walls for you. We have already handled countless retaining wall projects in Queens, NY and surrounding areas. Our people are well-experienced in setting up various retaining wall types that are constructed according to industry’s best practices. We are also a fully licensed, insured, and bonded contractor. So if you are looking for well-constructed walls that offer maximum protection and appeal, get in touch with Vinny and Son today at (718) 539-0524!

Retaining Wall Blocks

The quality of the retaining wall blocks is very critical to the reliability of the walls. At Vinny & Son Contracting Corporation, we use only premium wall blocks from reliable suppliers. Our retaining wall systems use sturdy, high-density wall blocks that are designed to withstand harsh environment conditions. With us, your retaining walls will be long-lasting and require less maintenance efforts.

Concrete Blocks

The different materials used for retaining walls are natural stones, bricks, wood, boulders, and blocks. The most popular among these options are concrete blocks. They are durable, cost-effective, and come in a wide range of designs. Concrete wall blocks create a far stronger wall and can be designed to complement a property’s architecture.

Building a Retaining Wall

When building a retaining wall, always consider important factors such as the condition of the soil, the purpose and placement of the wall, the angle of the slope, the drainage solution in place for the soil above the wall, and whether any object of substantial weight is situated on the slope (structures, outdoor features, vehicles, etc). You should also have access to proper tools and equipment, such as hand tools (safety goggles, gloves, chisel, hammer, etc.) and power tools (concrete saws, plate compactors, and skid loaders).

Furthermore, it is essential to consider the type of retaining wall that you would like to install on your property. Your top options include gravity, cantilevered, and anchored walls.

Retaining Wall Design

Look for a contractor that can offer you excellent retaining wall design. We understand that functionality does not always mean appearance has to be compromised. Whatever retaining wall type and material you choose, they can serve as a foundation for unique landscaping designs. We can construct retaining walls in a manner that will enable you to create a unique space for planting flowers and other decorative elements that will add depth and charm to your property.

Block Wall

Although some property owners prefer poured concrete for their retaining walls, a better option is to use wall blocks. These block wall structures are more durable, provide more flexibility in design, and showcase a natural appearance that may nicely accent your property. So call us now and let us design and build appealing and elegant walls that will endure the test of time.

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