Masonry Contractor

Masonry Contractor Queens, NY Property improvement projects should be handled only by a qualified masonry contractor. Whether the jobs involve installing new concrete amenities or renovating outdated structures, getting the services of a professional is necessary. All masonry jobs require skilled people with ample experience in masonry design, installation, and maintenance. If you have them, you will be assured of reliable and durable structures. You are also guaranteed of timely project completion without compromising the quality of workmanship.

But most property owners find it difficult to choose the right masonry contractor for their home improvement projects. The primary reason is the number of masonry contractors in the state that offer similar services. If you want to get the best masonry services, get in touch with Vinny & Son Contracting Corporation. Our company has decades of experience in the construction and home improvement industry, so we can work on any masonry work that you may require. The countless satisfied clients that we have served in Queens, NY and nearby areas are proofs of our competency in this field. Please contact us now at (718) 539-0524, and let us talk about your project.


The quality of workmanship will affect the reliability, aesthetics, and functionality of your masonry features and amenities. By hiring skilled people with lengthy experience in home improvement and construction, you will be assured of an excellent project outcome. They know how to handle masonry materials, such as stones, bricks, stucco, concrete, and blocks. You can expect that your contractor will build your patio, driveway, flooring and other structures in your home according to your specifications and accepted standards.

Stone Mason

Do you need a stone mason who can work on your countertops, flooring and outdoor features? Don't look far since Vinny & Son Contracting Corporation can provide you with the right people. We have seasoned stone masons with extensive experience in stone installation. They can install granite, marble, bluestone, slate, flagstones, and other types of natural stones. We will also help you choose the right type of stone for your home improvement project. For example, granite is still the best material to use on countertops and flooring. Meanwhile, outdoor structures will look best if they are made from bluestone, slate or flagstones.

Masonry Repair

Before you call a masonry contractor, ask the company if it can work on all kinds of masonry repairs. Versatility is one of the most important qualities of masonry professionals. Aside from their expertise in masonry installation, they must be also highly skilled in doing masonry repair jobs. They must be capable of repairing brick, stucco, stone, blocks, and other masonry structures. Some of these repair jobs involve cracks and potholes on driveways and paved areas, replacement of loose bricks, or repair of damaged concrete pavers.

You should also take note of the tools and equipment they use when performing restoration or repair jobs. Well-experienced contractors have task-appropriate tools and use premium masonry supplies to ensure excellent results.

Masonry Construction

Most masonry contractors in Queens, NY offer comprehensive services. They can work on residential and commercial masonry construction projects regardless of clients’ project requirements. But this is not the only factor that you must consider when hiring a masonry contractor. You should also factor in the length of experience, the resources of the company, the number of completed projects, and the affordability of their offered services.

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